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Mailnews Status 5/7

Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 80 bugs.
  • Cavin made it so that imported account settings aren't lost after a crash and also made it so that saving a draft in an account that doesn't have the drafts folder set doesn't crash.
  • Varada worked on a plaintext formatting bug relating to how we convert '&' to plaintext and has handed it off to the parser team.   He checked in fixes for making reply put focus on the body and made some wording changes to the Send Format prefereence panel.    He hasn't checked in but has fixes for making the save as draft dialog come up when sending fails and making us display the correct default selection when the HTML/Plaintext Ask Me dialog comes up.
  • Jean-Francois fixed a crasher that could occur when replying to web pages with long lines.  He also worked on making the progress dialog more generic.
  • Navin made it so that 3 pane selection doesn't jump on reply. He made it so that search results don't show the wrong headers and so that deleting a message in the search dialog doesn't delete the wrong message.  He fixed a crash that would occur when filing a message to its original folder and he made it so that deleting any of the search results doesn't turn off undo/redo in the 3 pane.
  • Suresh has a fix for making Biff clear after all new messages have been read in a folder.
  • Seth made it so we can post to a news server that requires authentication and made it so we can post a news message from the drafts folder.  He fixed a subscribe dialog crasher and he made it so that the search dialog shows the correct criteria fields for the given search term.
  • Scott fixed a problem reading news articles from the memory cache, fixed the corruption of attachments when fetching them multiple times, turned on moz-icon urls for mac and windows, landed the new attachment display using moz-icons for the message pane and compose window, fixed a bunch of polish bugs with the message pane, and fixed problems detecting attachments for imap accounts with "@" signs in them.
  • Sean made it so that Kill Thread is disabled in the mail UI (it wasn't in the menus but the accelerator was still working causing some problems) and made it so that kill thread works on multiple news messages.  He made it so that the Save As menuitems work in the standalone message window and he made it so that the folder pane splitter doesn't jump when viewing Acct Central in the alternate 3 pane.
  • Candice checked in the code to show the number of entries in the Address Book, made it so that the leave message on server pref is import correctly , and made it so that mailing lists can be sent.
  • Prassanna checked in the fix for making tab work correctly in the 3 pane.  She has fixes for persisting whether the message header pane is collapsed and for cleaning up the Plain Text Compose menus.  She's looking into making drag and drop feedback in the 3 pane look good on the Mac.
  • David added the ability to view ignored threads, fixed the problem where deleting multiple messages would load multiple messages, fixed the display order of  sub-children in the threaded view, fixed duplicate messages when playing back offline imap move operations, fixed a problem where a twisty would be displayed on new headers added to "threads with unread" view and "watched threads with unread" view,  and fixed a few problems introduced with offline UI landing.
  • Bhuvan fixed a potential crash when migrating profiles without any files.  He also checked in the fixes for making the Get Msgs and Mark toolbar menus enable/disable correctly.
  • Håkan B. Waara made the View|Message menu work again.
  • Gervase Markham made the copy email address context menu item show up in the standalone message window.
  • Keyser Sosez for made the Mail Folder header show up in the alternate 3 pane window.