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Mailnews Status 5/29

Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 46 bugs.
  • Cavin checked in fixes for a number of migrations bugs.  He worked on a fix for the extra hidden print dialog causing a crash.
  • Navin worked on a drag and drop crash on Linux eventually fixed by blizzard. He also worked on a top crash with David. He has fixes for compacting all folders after emptying trash, making filing multiple messages work correctly from Search, and a case where accounts on Cyrus servers were showing two Inboxes.
  • Scott fixed a mailnews top crasher when viewing mailnews messages with relative links. He has fixes for a bug about attachment corruption when opening attachments with messages that have inlined parts and for a SMTP problem preventing us from sending mail on slow SMTP servers.
  • Candice worked on figuring out why we don't import Outlook email addresses.  She also fixed an enabling/disabling bug for Card properties and worked on making Local Folders get created when account creation is canceled the first time the user uses mailnews.
  • Bhuvan worked on a migration issue where multiple IMAP identities are assigned with similar identities/copies and folders in the migration process.
  • David checked in fixes for searching imap messages bodies offline, a hang after replaying offline copy of a local msg to an imap folder, a crash doing File | Get Selected Messages when no messages selected, a crash on shutdown on Mac in nsMsgDatabase::CleanupCache, and a problem saving an attachment from an offline imap message. He has fixes for a message thread causing an infinite loop and a crash, not being able to save drafts again after getting draft error offline, and 
    downloading and syncing mail only downloading messages for headers it has downloaded.
  • Varada fixed the regression where we no longer alerted the user to where a draft or template was saved to if they had the pref set.  He has fixes for tabbing order in the compose window, and preventing a garbled attachment name when forwarding a received attachment inline. He's working on the 'Failed to copy to sent folder' bug caused by the line length being too long.
  • Jean-Francois has fixes for where sending a web page offline generates 2 messages in the Unsent Messages folder and doesn't give feedback when it fails.  He also has a fix so that multipart web pages only send the final part.
  • Seth made it so folder names show up again in the Select folders for offline use dialog.  He made it so that importing Eudora settings without a return email address set up will work.  He made the attachments context menu show up in the message pane.  He also worked on the print crashing bug with Cavin.
  • blizzard fixed a drag and drop crash Linux.
  • Doron Rosenberg removed the duplicate offline tab in the folder properties dialog. 
  • Håkan Waara made the Select Folders dialog look a lot better.