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Mailnews Status 5/14

Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 80 bugs.
  • Cavin has a fix for making it so that we save images from mail messages correctly.  He has a fix for another case where Save as Draft wasn't replacing older versions of the draft. 
  • Jean-Francois fixed a number of compose window bugs including making it so that the compose window will come up when LDAP autocompletion is turned on, fixing a couple of send crashes, fixing a crash that should now allow us to turn on the progress dialog, and making it so that forwarding a message with multiple parts doesn't cause a crash.  He also spent a lot of time figuring out why forward inline isn't working before reassigning.
  • Navin fixed a hang when empty trash on exit and expunge inbox on exit are both set and has a performance improvement for when both of these occur.
  • Varada made it so that sending fails will prompt with a Save as Draft warning when the window is closed.  He made the delete/open buttons enable properly in the search window and made it so a new navigator window and editor can be opened from the compose window.  He also checked in Gayatri's fix for making the Search dialog not start up offscreen.
  • Suresh made the thread pane show the correct default columns. He also has fixes for disabling the properties menuitems when a server is selected (currently the dialog can't be dismissed when on a server) and for making it so that the message pane gets focus when it's brought up so that command keys are enabled without having to click in the message body.
  • Scott implemented bcc support in the message pane when viewing message drafts, tracked down a crasher with moz-icon urls in release builds, implemented progress for smtp and hooked it up to Jean-Francois' progress dialog for the compose window and started looking into adding brutal sharing for XBL. 
  • Candice has been working on address book bugs where the address book won't let other windows become active on the Mac and where sometimes a crash occurs when address book dialogs are brought up.
  • Prassanna fixed a bunch of Compose window bugs related to cleaning up menus and accelerators not matching the spec.  She has a fix for persisting the message pane's header's collapsed state and she's working on making menuitems like close, exit, and print enable correctly in the compose window.
  • Bhuvan fixed a crasher on startup and made some changes to the Account Wizard UI including changing some text on the Finish page and changing the IMAP/POP3 choice to radio buttons instead of a drop down.  He also checked in Gayatri's fix for sorting by location in the Search dialog.
  • Seth fixed another bug where blank rows were showing up in the thread pane.  He made it so that posting a draft to a newsgroup works.  He added twisties in the Account Manager dialog.  He made cross folder navigation work again.  He fixed a news crasher and got news and subscribe to work again with non-ASCII newsgroup names.
  • David fixed potential problems sending unsent messages when going offline.  He fixed a hang doing an IMAP sync and fixed a problem getting msgs for offline use when they are in the memory cache.  He fixed search of imap/news while offline, made it so that we don't hang on exit when offline when empty trash on exit is set, and fixed a problem detecting if special folders exist.
  • Dan writes that LDAP autocompletion is now working.  He is going to try to land the LDAP/MAPI addressbook integration code written by Sun engineers at the beginning of 0.9.2.
  • Gervase Markham added some descriptive text to the Action section in the Filter UI.
  • Håkan Waara made it so that the status bar in the standalone mail window isn't too high.
  • Andrew Wooldridge moved the File button to the correct place in the search dialog
  • Stephen Donner cleaned up some search code.