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Mailnews Status 4/9

Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 51 bugs.
  • Cavin made it so that the forward pref migrates correctly from 4.x.  He fixed one of the cases where we were leaving temp files around on sending and is investigating the other causes.  He's also looking into a Eudora import crash.
  • Jean-Francois made it so that bcc information isn't revealed during forwarding, set the correct MIME type on outgoing Mac messages with attachments, and fixed a mime localization bug.  He made it so that we don't convert line feeds before inserting into the Editor (this along with a similar Editor fix will speed up message reply) He's working on getting the send progress code in next week.
  • Varada checked in a fix for a case where forwarding messages is failing and is working on mail compose command updating performance.
  • Sean  worked on fixing up the subscribe menu item, making bookmark  this link work in the message pane, and making the "Close Window" menu item enable  in the standalone message window.
  • Navin made it so that POP server error messages get displayed, extra '.' don't show up at the beginning of messages, and helped with a crash when hitting the stop button in a POP account.
  • Bhuvan is working on making IMAP accounts' special folders default to being located on that server rather than in local folders.
  • Seth worked on a number of crashes, made the attachment icon show up in the thread pane, made scrolling to first new message work, and made collapsed threads with unread messages show an underline if the parent is read.
  • Scott got icon urls working for the Mac with the help of Paul Hangas. We can now load Mac specific icons by the creator and file type of a file.  He landed the changes for async SMTP send, and he started converting imap and news to use the new cache.
  • Candice pushed Mac and Win32 builds for the ldap carpool to and will work on AB Sync.  She's also working on displaying the total cards in the AB to help make it easier to see if we are exceeding the collected address book limit.
  • David worked on making get new mail download imap messages for  offline use if the user so desires, and made some progress on speeding up multiple local msg move/copy and compact folders.
  • David Hyatt profiled replying to a message and came up with a number of places that can be improved.  He also fixed 2 smoketest blockers on Friday to help us get the tree open.
  • Christopher Blizzard added accelerators for expand and collapse all threads.
  • John Myers fixed a crash when using Japanese (Shift-Jis) as the folder charset to view non-MIME mails
  • Kevin Duffy made it so that mailto: urls without any to: headers don't place following headers in the to: field (ex:  mailto:?subject=foo)
  • Paul Hangas helped get icon urls working on the Mac.