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Mailnews Status 4/2


Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 68 bugs.
  • Cavin made it so that we get the values for the preferences auth_method and try_ssl from prefs.js rather than from hardcoded values  He also looked into the scenarios that cause temp files to not be removed which include saving messages to drafts folder, replying to messages from newsgroups, and forwarding messages with vcard attachments. He's going to look into some solutions next week.
  • David fixed a problem with imap folder hierarchy on new profiles, made it so that we don't load the default imap inbox twice on startup, fixed a problem where every 200th thread was not displayed, turned off use of the  IMAP ENVELOPE command (it can be enabled with a hidden pref), and got imap status messages displaying again.
  • Scott wrote code for new icon urls which currently fetches icon bitmaps from the windows OS, converts them to 24 bit RGB images which libpr0n can render. This will allow us to load the icons associated with certain file types or content types to build some cool UIs for the attachment pane and for the helper app / mime type dialogs. Paul Hangas and Scott are going to work together on writing similar code for the Mac this week. He also fixed a libpr0n regression regarding displaying mail with images, made save attachment work again so that we no longer save the entire RFC822 message, made saving mail attachments from the browser window works for news, imap and local, landed the new message display and implemented "Brief" mode in the View --> Headers menu.
  • Varada has a fix for a case where forwarding a message causes sending to fail.  He also worked on regressions.
  • Seth got icons working in the new thread pane.  He also fixed a number of thread pane bugs including a bunch of crashers, making lines show up in news, and maintaining selection after sorting and threading messages.
  • The LDAP patch that Candice has been working on has gone through super  review. 
  • Navin made it so that downloaded mails are not lost when the disk is full and we don't download multiple copies of the same email when you hit stop and then GetMsg with POP accounts.  He also made the limit_message_size prefs for POP work again.
  • Bhuvan checked in the fix to get our folder pickers showing the "File Here'" menuitem.  He made the BCC self field show up again in Copies and Folders, and he h made Search appear in the news and movemail Account Central pages.
  • Jean-Francois continued working on progress from the message compose window.
  • Pavlov helped mscott get the icon urls mentioned above working.
  • Håkan Waara made it so that if the limit message size checkbox in the account settings is unchecked, that the size edit field is disabled.  He also fixed some js warnings.
  • Gervase Markham made it so that we disable the spell checking preference  if there's no spell checker