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Mailnews Status 4/30

Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 48 bugs.
  • Jean-Francois spent a lot of time on Send/Reply bugs and regressions. He's started working on a more generic nsIMsgProgress class that can be used by more than just the Compose window. He also removed redundant symbols in mailnews code in preparation for dll merging.
  • Cavin fixed a crash when importing from Eudora and Outlook Express and is working on another bug where crashing after an import takes place (before shutting down) loses all imported data. He also continued working on Save as Draft issues.
  • Suresh worked on making the 3 pane title reflect the selected message even if the thread pane/message pane splitter is minimized.
  • Navin fixed a bug where messages filtered to a folder that was deleted and then recreated were being lost and another bug where deleting an account and recreating it caused downloaded messages to be lost. He fixed a bug where dragging an account onto a folder would hang on the Mac. He fixed up the multiple delete and file from search code, made it so the imap delete icon doesn't show up in a move to trash delete, and fixed a couple of finding the next selected message after a delete bugs.
  • Seth fixed a crash in cookies code when reading certain messages and fixed a bug where dragging the splitter would prevent future messages from being able to be read.
  • Varada fixed a bug where forwarding a message with a reply-to would  default all addresses to be reply-to.  He worked on getting rid of "&amp"  from links in plaintext replies.  He worked on a number of reply crashes and regressions.  He checked in fixes from last week that make the Send Format pref panel look better, make it so you can't quit while sending a message without being asked  to take action on the message, and make it so there's wrapping in signatures.
  • Sean made it so that the alternative 3 pane persists its pane sizes and he added a grippy to the splitter between the thread and folders panes in the alternative 3 pane.
  • Candice fixed an Address Book localization bug and has fixes for making the card count show up in the AB and making it so that Leave Messages on Server is migrated properly from Eudora accounts.
  • David checked in fixes from last week including speeding up multiple copy/move.  He fixed a top crasher involving inserting new headers into an open threaded view.  He changed the local folder compaction code to reload the contents of the current folder upon completion.  He added progress to move/copy/delete of multiple local messages.  He fixed several cases where local summary files were left in an out of date state after move/copy/delete so that they would get reparsed.  He removed a message db notification left over from the rdf version of the thread pane that was slowing down message deletion.
  • Bhuvan worked on a migration crasher and on some menu enabling/disabling bugs.
  • Prassanna worked on a tabbing/focus bug in the 3 pane and worked on remembering the last selected message in a folder.
  • Gayatri has a patch ready for sorting search by the location column.  She's also working on removing the extra criteria in search and will use code from Prassanna's remember last selected message fix to make goto folder from the search dialog work.
  • Numerous people on the team spent a lot of time on code reviews for the fixes above and for the offline/ldap UI that is trying to land.
  • Joe Hewitt for the workaround for making it so that the message pane headers don't disappear when switching folders!
  • Stephen Donner for making it so that not all of the thread pane columns from the 3 pane show up in the search dialog