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Mailnews Status 4/23



Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 31 bugs.
  • Cavin fixed a temp file leak when posting messages.  He also made Save as Draft work correctly so that it replaces the older versions in the Drafts folder and removes it on send, and he worked on a Eudora import crasher that seems to be caused by a message with a lot of recipients.
  • Jean-Francois made it so that we start the progress meter even if the progress dialog isn't showing, helped Cavin with the posting leaks mentioned above, and worked with Chris Waterson on making it so that mail dll's can be combined into one.
  • Varada fixed the sizing of the Html Domains pref-panel but we may have to look into alternative solutions to make it fit on all platforms. He removed the last preference option in the message compose reply format.  He has a fix for line wrapping in the signature as well as preventing quitting while a message send is in progress.  He worked on making the threadpane/messagepane splitter work properly in regard to loading messages and has another fix in hand that will handle most of the cases.
  • Navin made it so that copying a large number of messages from local or news to imap doesn't increase the total folder count to an even larger number.He also has fixes for making delete and filing messages from multiple folders in the search window work correctly.
  • Candice has fixed some address book menu problems,  made it so that the AB shows the total card count for the current address  book (not checked in yet) and is currently working on reviewing some LDAP  property dialog code.
  • Scott M. fixed an  ABR in MIME code and he made it so that we show inlined images for local messages.
  • Seth fixed a crash on exit when viewing the Account Central page and fixed a crash when viewing a message with an <img> tag but no src.He also made it so that the threads with unread view persists.
  • Scott P worked on making the threads with unread view persist and made it so that view all or unread messages keeps the current threaded or flat mode rather than always putting the view into threaded mode.
  • Sean made it so that the standalone message window's close menu item isn't always disabled.  He also made the Edit | Cancel and Edit | Delete menuitems have the correct mnemonics.
  • Gayatri has fixes for implementing Go to Folder in the Search dialog, making the delete key work in Search,  and making it so the search dialog doesn't open up partly offscreen.
  • Bhuvan worked some more on having IMAP accounts default their special folders to that account rather than Local Folders.  He's been working on some backend issues with David.  He also worked on offline code reviews.
  • David got multiple local msg move/copy/delete running as a single url, and is now re-using the input file stream which should speed up these operations by at  least 3x when moving, copying, or deleting a large number of local messages.   He changed local folder compaction code to use this new code, which should also speed up similarly.  He got local folders to reload after compaction.  He found and fixed a large Mork bloat (10-20K per db commit, for mail/news  db's only).  He fixed problems playing back offline imap operations and marking news and imap messages read if they are read from the  memory cache. He fixed a hang if you shut down while offline and have cleanup inbox  on exit set to true.  These fixes will get checked in when the tree opens for 0.9.1
  • Gervase Markham added a copy menu item to the message headers context menu.
  • Dan Rosen got the message pane context menu working again.
  • Hakan Waara fixed some leaks in the address book. He also added a hidden pref "set mailnews.reply_header_type" that makes it so that replies will show date information as well as author information.  Instead of just "Author wrote:" it can now be set to show what date the original response was written on.