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Mailnews Status 4/16


Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 56 bugs
  • Cavin fixed temp file leaks when saving messages to the drafts folder and when forwarding messages with attachments.  He's currently working on making Save As Drafts not save a message each time Save is hit.
  • Navin fixed a crash when downloading POP mail, made it so that if logging  into a POP server fails that the users gets asked to try again, and  fixed a POP filtering bug where messages were being lost when they were filtered  to the destination folder.
  • Scott P helped fix a bug where hitting Enter wasn't acting like a double click in the thread pane.  He also worked on enabling menu items in the 3 pane toolbar as well as making the OK button work in the news server properties dialog.
  • Seth fixed a bunch of search bugs including making the location column show up, making enter start a search, and got rid of the thread column.  He fixed a couple of crashes including one when closing mail windows and another when reading mail messages.  He made sort by Recipient work.  He fixed a couple of daily build blockers including one in which headers were not showing up in the message pane.  He made it so that when switching from large folders to small folders that the thread pane clears instead of leaving around bogus messages.  And, he made it so that changes in the flagged column stick in IMAP.
  • Varada checked in some performance improvements for message compose command enabling.  He also found the fix for making it so that the message compose window starts up with focus on the addressing widget rather than in the message body and then switching to the addressing widget.
  • Candice landed the Address book refactoring for LDAP carpool.  She's  created a hidden pref to show the number of entries in an address book to  help debug bugs where it looks like the collected AB is exceeding its limit.
  • Scott M. re-wrote attachments in the message pane to be a tree widget which uses our new moz-icon urls to show the content type based icons next to each attachment name.  This is not checked in yet. He added moz-icon url support to the attachment tree in the compose window so we get the icons there too. He fixed a xul syntax regression in the helper app progress dialog.  He converted news and imap to use the new cache and removed references to the old cache in mailnews. He fixed some problems on the mac caused by the mime service having dummy  values for the mac creator and file types for several mime types. Now we always initialize these values from internet config.  He fixed a regression opening news attachments.
  • Sean made it so that Bookmark this Link works from the message pane context menu.  He also worked on a number of fixes with Blake Ross (see below) to make a number of menu items and commands work in the different mail windows including the Tasks Menu and the Ctrl+M accelerator.
  • Bhuvan has almost finished up the bug where special folders were being defaulted to Local Folders rather than to the account they are for.  Jennifer Glick helped with the design for the UI.  He's also been working on offline FE reviews.
  • David finished making get new mail download imap messages for offline use if  the user so desires, fixed a top-crasher in CopyHdrFromExistingHdr, got multiple message move/copy working as a single url, with lots of speedups, and progress and status msgs (this is not checked in yet since he still has to test Undo and Stop), fixed new flag handling for filtered pop messages, fixed a couple problems going offline when you either had no news server, or no newsgroups configured for offline use, and fixed a problem downloading newsgroup messages for offline when a news article had expired or was canceled.
  • Gayatri worked on identifying the problem with new flag handling for filtered pop messages that David fixed above.  She's working on making the extra dropdowns not appear in the Search dialog and making Go to Folder work.
  • Jean-Francois checked in the first steps at getting the progress dialog to work in the compose window.  It's being controlled by a pref and currently works for the attachment part of sending.  As part of this fix, he made it so that the compose window doesn't disappear until it's finished sending.  He also made it so that mailing lists get expanded on sending.
  • Stephen Donner made the connection refused error message a little more   explanatory.  He also made it so that we don't prefill the attach web   page dialog with a "0".
  • David Hyatt helped Varada out with the compose window focus issue  mentioned above.
  • Blake Ross fixed a number of accelerator and command problems in the mail windows.
  • Stephen Walker and Keyser Sosez updated the message header context menu to match spec by adding "Compose mail to"
  • Håkan B. Waara worked on a performance optimization to some nsMsgDBView code.
  • Joe Hewitt did some more cleanup on the compose window.
  • Andrew Wooldridge did some cleanup work on the search dialog.
  • Håkan Waara and Jan Varga are working on converting the folder pane to use the outliner.  You can check out their work on the FOLDER_OUTLINER_20010417_BRANCH.  So far they've hooked up folder loading and skinning images and almost have persistence working.
  • Dan Mosedale did lots of code cleanup in nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession.   When used in conjunction with Joe Hewitt's patch from bug 43189 he got a  composite LDAP/addrbook autocomplete session working in a test harness.   This code may or may not make it in for 0.9; even if it does get checked  in, autocomplete probably won't actually be turned on in the compose  window just yet.