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Mailnews Status 3/5

  Mailnews Accomplishments:
  • Resolved as fixed 17 bugs
  • Performance Branch:  Scott gave a great demo at the Seamonkey All Hands.  He also rewrote the command updating code so that all of our commands don't get updated when focus or selection changes.  Instead,  the commands in menus only get updated when the menus are open. We don't have any numbers yet, but displaying a message and deleting feel much faster.   If the numbers show a worthwhile gain we will have to investigate doing this  in other mail windows.   David fixed a number of bugs in the view code  and removed nsIMessage and the Search datasource.  Seth added expand/collapse  all, select all, edit message, made open message in new window work in Search,  and he got persistence to work. Gayatri worked on deleting messages from the Search window.
  • David fixed mork parsing code to deal with non-zero yarn forms which  should make it so that history can save disk space and memory when writing  out strings.
  • Navin made it so that when you have "leave message on server" and "delete  messages on server when deleted locally" set, that it actually works when  you delete a message in a POP account.  He also found some places where  streams were being left opened which fixed the previous bug.
  • Candice started working on a bug where the Notes AB card field wasn't being migrated correctly.
  • Bhuvan has fixes for but hasn't checked in a number of bugs including  improving Account Central so it can dynamically display items based on server  capabilities, making it so that biff doesn't hang for values greater than  35 minutes, making it so that if a user deleted a profile in 4.x manually  it doesn't cause a crash or cause migration to stop, and making it so that  the mail start page appears once per account.
  • Varada has written, but not checked in, changes that make a dialog pop up after saving a draft/template that notifies the user what folder the message went to with an option to never show the dialog again.  He's also working on a bug that has become more noticeable lately where you're told that the message sent successfully but the copy to the Sent folder failed.  Finally, he's working on the compose window dialog while waiting for the backend SMTP progress code to land.
  • Jean-Francois worked on adding timestamps to various parts of the compose  window code so we can see what operations are taking up a lot of time when  replying to a message.  He also helped track down regressions.
  • Dan got nsAutoCompleteSession (bug 70933) taking it's first baby steps: he can cause it to drop down a menu populated by data from LDAP. He held a discussion about the creation of LDAP XPCOM SDK (formerly known as the  wrapper) component for Bugzilla, and put in a request (bug 70890) to  have it created.  He held an IRC i18n meeting and got a bunch of very useful help from Katshiko  Momoi on what we need to do; it looks fairly straightforward.  The transcript from the meeting will be posted to
  • Stephen Donner cleaned up wording in the new HTML and Plaintext Domains  pref panel and changed some wording in the SMTP server panel.
  • Len Trigg made it so that we obey a user overriden port setting for  IMAP SSL connections.
  • Christopher Seawood fixed a smoketest blocker crash in the compose window.
  • Mark Olson fixed some javascript warnings.