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Mailnews Status 3/26


Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 74 bugs.
  • Jean-Francois continued working on send/save progress.  He also worked on a bunch of regressions and helped out with a Solaris bug where we would send to addresses removed from the compose window if they were added through the address picker.
  • Navin fixed a number of compact folder bugs without having to fix 69862 , as mentioned last week.  He also made it so that doing a GetMsg after stopping a previous GetMsg doesn't lose messages in POP accounts. And, he made it so that we don't put up an extra dialog before re-asking the user to enter a password after answering incorrectly the first time.  He's working on making it so that stopping a GetMsg and doing a GetMsg again doesn't cause duplicate messages when leave messages on server is turned on and he's working on preventing loss of messages when the disk is full.
  • David fixed a bunch of offline bugs, including replying to a msg while offline, and opening a newsgroup while offline.  And, he helped with sorting and move/copy of cross-folder search results.
  • Seth made Select Thread work.  He fixed a number of bugs from the performance branch landing including a few crashers, making it so we sort correctly by all fields, and updating counts in the 3 Pane status bar.  He made it so that the user can set a signature file and he helped with regressions from the XUL landing early in the week.
  • Gayatri made it so you can delete and file messages from the Search window. This works both on searches from single folders as well as multiple folders.  She also made it so that we show the correct hit count.
  • Varada spent time on debugging send mail crashes and some other regressions. He fixed the send format prefs page, made mac attachment dnd work and fixed a mime crash during replying.
  • Scott finished the new look for the message display. He will land on Monday pending some final reviews. He fixed saving mail attachments from the browser window, fixed an infinite loop using libpr0n when displaying mail messages with inlined images and began preliminary work on the new attachment display.
  • Bhuvan worked on making the File Here menuitem show up on our folder menus.
  • Andrew Wooldridge cleaned up the filters dialogs.
  • Stephen Donner made it so that instead of using <nospam@nospam> for accounts without an email address we use <user@domain.invalid>.
  • John Myers fixed certain cases where sort by sender was failing.
  • Tao Cheng made it so that the search url in the mail menus is localizable.
  • timeless fixed a number of compiler warnings.
  • Johnny Stenback made it so that space moves to the next unread message after a message is scrolled to the bottom.

  • XUL landing and other regressions lost a day or more for many people.