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Mailnews Status 3/19

Mailnews Accomplishments:
  • Resolved as fixed 29 bugs.
  • The mailnews performance branch landed on Friday with some finishing touches added earlier in the week.  Thanks to Scott for doing the merge and to everyone who helped him test it prior to landing. You can see list of   bugs we knew about at landing.  In addition, Håkan B. Waara  created a tracking bug, 72338, to collect the bugs that Esther and Laurel filed upon landing.
  • Scott begin work on a new design for displaying attachments in the message pane. See some proposals that Jennifer spec'd out. He began working on a new UI for message display. The new UI is much simpler and has an added bonus of improving message display by 20% on his debug build. He's also re-written the JS and XUL to make it much easier  to customize different looks.
  • Navin investigated problems with hitting stop during POP message download  losing messages and has a patch that's not yet checked in.  He also has a fix for when entering an invalid password for a POP account would bring  up an unnecessary warning from the server before giving the chance to re-enter  the password.
  • Varada worked on Send/Copy to IMAP send folder problems.  He has the fixes for attachments not getting added using drag and drop on the mac, header dropdowns not working in the compose window when the first one is a BCC or CC, and the html domain prefs panel is too large.  
  • David fixed a few bugs in the new view code, including handling of new  messages in killed threads, and the crash when you double click on an empty thread pane. He made some progress on the problems sending large web pages (though no  fix is imminent). One problem is that the html saved from the compose  window does not put line breaks in if there are no spaces, so we end up  sending extremely large lines to the smtp server (> 16K). This in turn  causes an error from the smtp server, and reading this error causes  necko to close the socket, and things go downhill from there. He also did some work to make the Personal Filing Cabinet for AOL mail work.
  • Jean-Francois worked on the send/save message progress dialog in the compose window.  He's still looking into how to make cancel work.
  • Seth started looking into some subscribe dialog regressions including making it so that subscribing/unsubscribing to a newsgroup in this dialog is much faster.
  • Gayatri got deleting from the search dialog working (but not checked in) including deleting across multiple folders.  She's going to look into  sorting messages from multiple folders as well as filing messages from the search dialog.
  • Bhuvan landed fixes for showing Account Central items dynamically based on server/protocol capabilities.  He made it so that the start page displays once per account per session and made it so that biff plays the system sound in the default case.  He looked into regressions where the To and CC fields in the message pane displayed one address per line (Hyatt fixed this) and where the File Here menuitem was not getting displayed correctly in our mail folder picker menus (Bhuvan is working on the fix).
  • Dan reviewed, debugged, and checked in patches from for splitting up the LDAP build system into --enable-ldap and   --enable-ldap-experimental on Unix and ENABLE_LDAP /   ENABLE_LDAP_EXPERIMENTAL env vars on Windows.  This change landed before 0.8.1 branched. He also sorted out similar changes to mac buildsystem with help from
  • timeless made some grammar changes to the Delete Mail Folder alert.
  • We're having trouble getting 69862 in.  It looks like the best fix we know of keeps breaking other code that's not showing up in our testing.  We're looking for help for the best way to fix this on n.p.m.porkjockeys and n.p.m.xpcom.