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Mailnews Status 3/12
Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 36 bugs.
  • Performance Branch:  David fixed more view bugs and made the threaded, unread only view work.  Scott made navigation work in the standalone message window and made delete go to the next message rather than close the window.   He hooked up the alternate 3 pane to use the outliner widget.  He hooked up tabbing between the three panes and he restored key bindings under the new command updating scheme.  Seth made copying news messages work and made cancel message work.  He also made drag and drop work and brought back cross folder navigation.   The plan is to land the branch in about a week.
  • Jean-Francois worked on sending mail regressions and started working on the Send Progress dialog.
  • David made some progress on downloading news and imap messages for offline use when you go offline
  • Navin made it so that deleted messages don't reappear in the Inbox.  He also made it so that renaming a folder updates the folder pane immediately and that rename on message-only-folders works.  In preparation for relanding 69862 he fixed the problem we had with bookmarks being deleted on exit and Simon Fraser fixed the problem we had with cookies.
  • Candice is working on a bug where the collected address book is coming up empty for some people even though it shows correctly in 6.01.  She's also been helping land a patch for LDAP.
  • Gayatri is working on deleting and filing messages from the search window.  She has deleting working when a search is only on one folder but is now working on the case where there are messages from multiple folders.
  • Scott re-worked some of his old async send code now that the necko branch has landed and he worked on a couple of problems with saving attachments from the 3 pane window.
  • Varada worked on sending mail regressions.  He fixed Save as File from the compose window and made it so that saving as a template or a draft with an attachment doesn't attempt to send the message.
  • Bhuvan made the default biff sound use the system beep.
  • John Myers cleaned up some SMTP error handling code and made it so that it prompts for the userid when it's not set in the SMTP server settings.
  • Joe Hewitt cleaned up some message compose toolbar menubuttons.
  • Håkan B. Waara fixed a news leak.  He also cleaned up the Mail Start page pref groupbox.
  • Stephen Donner added tooltips to the Get Msg and Print toolbar buttons in the 3 pane.
  • Stephen Walker added a tooltip for the Mark button.
  • Keyser Sosez fixed a bug where entering a state only in the AB card shows the city as undefined rather than blank.  He also fixed a mnemonic inconsistency in the message pane context menu.
  • John Gaunt made it so that we don't leave around temporary ldif files when migrating addressbooks.
  • Mark Olson made it so that the Up/Down arrows in the filters dialog  enable/disable correctly