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Mailnews Status 2/5/2001
Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 52 bugzilla bugs.
  • Jean-Francois checked in the Apple Double code.  We can now send Mac attachments correctly.  He also fixed a MIME crash that has been consistently showing up as one of the top 5 crashes for Netscape 6.
  • Scott did performance work to batch starting and stopping of meteors.  He proposed a change to netwerk for creating urls for protocols mozilla doesn't know about.    This allows us to pass them to the OS when the user tries to click on them.    He rewrote the smtp and news protocols to use AsyncWrite for posting.   This will allow us to report progress on posting or sending large messages.   This work is currently blocked on changes we need from the netwerking branch which are being worked on.  He also got rid of the extra dialog you  get when opening mail attachments.
  • Seth continued to look at delete performance.  He also fixed up a bunch of mark toolbar button bugs.
  • Candice worked on adding an Edit Draft button to the message headers.   Users were confused as how to actually edit a draft they saved. This should  make it clearer.  She also worked a bit on finding out why some users are unable to collect addresses, but we still don't know how a user can get  into this situation.
  • Gayatri made it so that double clicking on a filter opens it for editing.  She also made filters open to the currently selected account and added a stop button to the Search dialog.  She is currently working on making it so that messages can be deleted and opened from the Search dialog.
  • David got downloading of messages in a single imap folder for offline use working.  It's not currently hooked up to the UI.  He also got simple recording and playback of basic offline imap operations in a single folder working.  These operations include mark read, delete, and copy.  His next goal is to make these operations work for all folders configured for offline use.
  • Navin made drag and drop of folders into other folders work.  He also made it so that selecting undo after deleting a message no longer causes the trash folder to load.
  • Bhuvan worked on the new Get Messages for multiple accounts UI.  He also made the status bar appear correctly in the Account Central page.  He will start working on biff and other Account Central issues
  • Kevin Higgins worked on a message compose window leak and removed an unused string.
  • Brian Ryner made it so that PSM can correctly parent dialogs that come up during an imap operation.
  • John Myers added UI for SSL in the SMTP account manager panel.
  • Naoki Hotta made it so that the character encoding checkmark is set correctly for messages with non MIME headers.  He also made the checkmark work when you change the charset through the encoding menu.
  • Joe Hewitt cleaned up the addressing widget.
  • Hakan Waara started the work on making it so that Reply to Sender works correctly in news messages.
  • Mark Olson fixed some javascript warnings.
  • Stephen Walker added an accelerator for Edit Message as New.
  • Alec Flett added a hidden pref to make it so that it optionally prompts the user when navigating to the next folder.
  • Daniel Bratell found a Free Memory Mismatch error in Purify for  us that we fixed this week.
  • jag added a Text Size menu item that affects the message pane.    He also made it so that Open in New Message Window now works when the message pane is collapsed and the message has never been loaded. This will be a big  win for standalone message window users
  • Henrik Gemal fixed some javascript warnings.