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Mailnews Status 2/26

Mailnews Accomplishments

  • Resolved as fixed 30 bugs.
  • Here are the performance branch updates:  Scott added the remaining columns to the thread pane.  He worked on preserving selection across sorting and other operations.  He hooked up the thread column to toggle between threaded modes.  He began working on some performance optimizations for command updating with Seth.  Jean-Francois moved over to the branch and got it running on the Mac. He cleaned up nsMsgCompFields which resulted in a 7K reduction of code.   He made message compose operations work with the new architecture.  And, he checked in a perception optimization for Reply.  Seth made it so that double clicking on a message does the right thing. He also worked on Reply in both the 3 pane window and the Standalone window.  David worked on threading, view notifications, and creating a search view.   He made it so that we select the next message after a delete.  He also worked on backend work for Kill and Watch Thread.  David Hyatt created api's for adding outliner lines and added support for showing/hiding columns.  Jan Varga made the outliner lines show up in threaded mode and hooked up the thread pane context menu.
  • David started work on the offline manager for hooking together all the operations required when going offline or online (sending unsent mail, downloading msg bodies, downloading news bodies, synchronizing offline imap changes...)
  • Bhuvan checked in the "Check for new mail at startup pref".  He made Account Central work when using the alternative 3 pane.  He fixed the wording in the Account Central title to remove the unnecessary "for".  He made it so that "Read Messages" in Account Central now gets new mail.
  • Varada checked in the new HTML Domains Preference panel.  He also got Tab working through all of the fields in the compose window.
  • Navin made it so that we no longer get an error when deleting a subfolder of the Trash folder and he made folder Drag and Drop work on the Mac.
  • Gayatri added the New Folder button to the edit filter dialog.  She also worked on the Go to Folder button in the Search dialog.  She's currently working on the performance branch hooking up the Search UI.
  • Dan sent out a proposal for an LDAP I18N issues meeting on IRC.   He created a skeleton nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession object and started sorting out the best way to use the XPCOM wrapper to do the work.   He started filling in the nsLDAPAutoCompleteSession code and has it kicking off the initial search.   He did work with on the nsLDAPService connection manager, with some help from on the authentication front.  He started digging into XBL to make autocomplete able to run multiple concurrent sessions and filed bug 69700 about this.
  • Brian Ryner made it so that SMTP handles callback notifications correctly.  This makes it so that PSM can prompt correctly when asking for a cert db password.
  • Mark Olson made it so that we don't include strres.js in all of our xul files.
  • fixed a crasher which occurred when you changed your server directories to a location that doesn't exist.
  • Alec Flett, timeless, and Boris Zbarsky made it so that signature paths are stored correctly when they contain non-English characters.
  • Jag made it so mail filters can be deleted.
  • Stephen Donner fixed an AB localization bug.
  • John Myers made it so that we use the folder charset override for messages without a MIME charset. He also fixed a bug where some headers weren't being decoded correctly due to spaces in the header.