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Mailnews Status 2/19/01

Mailnews Accomplishments

  • Resolved as fixed 35 bugs.
  • Scott created a branch to do the thread pane rewrite. See posts in n.p.m.mozilla.mail-news for more details. David and Seth continued porting the view code over including sorting, threading, and different views. Delete is hooked up from the front end to the view code but changes don't show up in the UI yet.  Scott removed the old tree widget and now has the new outliner showing the Subject, Sender, and Date columns with sorting working for all three columns.  Unread messages show up as bold.  Display message works.   David Hyatt made it so that selection, cropping and indentation work.
  • Jean-Francois made it so that an Apple Double attachment sent by Outlook Express or Eudora is now recognized when we receive it.  He also made it so that Send Page works again instead of sending the html as plaintext.
  • Navin added Compact All Folders to the main menu and Compact Folder to the folder context menu. He made it so that renaming a UW folder works and so that you can delete a message only folder.  He made it so that the folder twisty doesn't disappear after compaction.  He finished up making empty trash with subfolders for local folders work.
  • Candice made it so that messages sent to mailing lists don't repeat the lists'  names when displayed in the message pane headers area.
  • Gayatri made it so that search results shows better status and shows  the number of hits.  She worked on adding a new folder from the filters  dialog. This is not checked in yet.
  • Håkan Waara made it so that descenders don't get cut off  in the Account Settings|Account Name field.
  • Mark Olson fixed javascript warnings in the filters code.
  • Henrik Gemal made the error dialog that comes up when no recipients  are specified more clear.  He also changed instances  of "CC" to "Cc" throughout the product.
  • John Myers fixed up the SMTP/SSL preferences.  He also fixed  a bug where SMTP didn't fall back to HELO if auth enabled.
  • Stephen Donner mader some wording changes in the Remove Account warning  dialog.  He also linkified all of the items in the Account Central page  providing better ease of localizability.