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Mailnews Status 2/12/01

Mail and News:
  • Jean-Francois rewrote Apple Double to be used by the URI loader.   He worked with on adapting the PGP plugin interfaces for the  Mac.
  • David wrote code to iterate over folders for replaying offline events  when synchronizing (this isn't hooked up yet).  He also made good progress  on porting 4.x code to 6.x so we can build up the threaded view from a 6.x  database.  He also ported code to do expand/collapse of threads.
  • Bhuvan landed the code that implements get messages for multiple accounts.   The login at startup pref now controls the behavior of downloading messages  for any given account at startup.  He worked on some Account Central  improvements including making it work in the alternate 3 pane layout and fixing the "Read Messages" link to get new messages.
  • Navin made it so that you can create folders with the same name but  different case.
  • Seth started working on porting Message Views from 4.x.  He created  a test xul file so that this can be worked on before we've hooked up mail  views to the new outliner widget.  He fixed a crash in the subscribe  dialog due to the UW IMAP server sending folder names that aren't modified  UTF7.  He also made it so that we call stop on the subscribe dialog if it's closed.
  • Scott installed  timers to control starting and stopping the 3 pane throbber for message display  performance.  He helped fix a couple of mailnews  regressions that were caused by the necko landing.  And, he spent some  time looking at the new outliner widget and working on a plan to make the  thread pane use it.
  • David Hyatt worked on an outliner widget that will allow us to  greatly increase the speed of various thread pane operations including folder  loading, scrolling, deleting, and sorting.
  • Damon Gallaty submitted hooks into MIME for using a PGP plugin.
  • John Myers fixed a couple of MIME encoded-word decoder bugs.
  • Mark Anderson implemented Ctrl+M in the standalone mail window.
  • Stephen Donner fixed a wording problem in Account Central.
  • Keyser Sosez made it so that messages aren't downloaded and then lost  if there is no write permission for the Inbox.
  • Kevin Higgins fixed a leak in nsMsgStatusFeedback.
  • Mark Olson fixed some javascript warnings.
Search and Filters:
  • Gayatri checked in Open Message from the search window.  She also worked on getting the number of search result hits in the status bar.
Address Book: