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Mailnews Status 1/8

This is the status report from 12/18 until now

  • Resolved as fixed 92 bugs.
  • David did more work on offline. You can startup offline and load imap folders and newsgroups while offline without errors.  "Get Selected Messagesfor Offline Use" is working for IMAP.  If a newsgroup is configuredfor offline use, when you read a news message, it will get put in the offline store for that newsgroup.You can now read news messages offline, if they've been downloaded for offline use.  One caveat: There's lots of work remaining for offline use, and it is not useable yet. He added backend support formessage retention settings - currently only hooked up for news, so that youcan limit either the number of headers retained for a newsgroup, or the ageof the headers retained for a newsgroup. There's no UI for this, but you canset server defaults via preferences. This backend support could be extendedto support things like aging of trash folders. He did some performance workon local folder operations, especially batching deletion of multiple messages.He also fixed the local folder compaction bug.
  • Varada worked on memory leaks and a number of compose window frontend bugs.  He made it so that if you bring up a compose window without having an account the compose window will continue to work after filling in the account.He fixed attach file related bugs and he started working on HTML and PlaintextDomains for sending mail.
  • Scott M. made it so that you can see link information when mousingover a link in the message pane.
  • Navin made it so that you can delete folders from a POP trash folder, he fixed a number of rename folder bugs, and he made it so that emptying aPOP trash folder also deletes all of the trash's subfolders.
  • Seth fixed a bug that was preventing POP biff from working all of the time. He added the Mark toolbar button to the toolbar when using news.  He made thread pane views persist per folder and implemented threads with unread messages. He made it so that double clicking on a column no longer opens the selected message in a standalone message window.  He added support for logging into accounts at startup.  He helped with getting numerous patches into the tree including the play biff sound patch mentioned below.
  • Jean-Francois worked on printing in the compose window and Apple double and single encoding
  • Bhuvan has fixes ready involving more work on logging into accounts at startup.  He also worked on making a summary page at the end of the account wizard setup, and he's made the account wizard show the right email examples depending on the type of account you are creating.  Next week he plans to work on improved Get Msgs functionality and the new account page that will appear in the 3 pane when an account is selected.
  • made it so that biff can play a sound whenit goes off.
  • Håkan Waara changed some text in the compose window menus.  
  • Henrik Gemal provided patches and suggestions for better wordingin parts of the mail ui. He also fixed some js warnings
  • Naoki Hotta added an override field to db to support folder levelcharset override.
  • fixed some js warnings.
  • Jarrod Gray fixed some js warnings
  • Andrew Taylor made it so that imported accounts can be deleted
  • Blake Ross made it so that shift-tab will work in the 3 pane and he fixed some js warnings
  • Daniel Bratell made it so that format=flowed support can be disabled.
  • Ben Bucksch posted <news://> to .mail-news wrt his intentions, requirements and questions about ISP  support.  He is looking for feedback.