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Mailnews Status 1/29
Mailnews Accomplishments:
  • Resolved as fixed 42 bugs.
  • Bhuvan checked in the new account page. Check this out by clicking on a mail account.  He also made log into multiple accounts on startup.  The account wizard now has a summary page at the end so you can verify your choices before finishing up the account.  And, he turned biff on by default.  This week he'll continue working on Get Msg for multiple accounts and start looking into biff improvements.
  • Scott is almost ready to check in a cool helper app feature that allows you to go to the file you just downloaded in the OS's file manager by clicking on a button on the download dialog.  He made the elapsed time more accurate in the helper app progress download dialog.  And, he made it so that we always show the download progress dialog even if we finished the download before the user dismissed the open/save dialog.  This makes it more clear to the user that we actually did something.
  • Navin continued working on drag and drop of folders.
  • Jean-Francois has almost finished up AppleDouple decoding.  He fixed a save draft problem with 8 bit characters.
  • Seth worked on sorting performance and delete message performance.  He found a way to speed up thread pane operations by not creating charset converters unless needed.  He also found a way to speed up deleting multiple messages by only doing one reflow per delete operation.
  • Candice made the preference for limiting the collected address book size work. She also added the ability to choose whether each address book card prefers html, plain text, or doesn't know.  This will make it so that HTML domains work correctly when that code is checked in.
  • Gayatri made progress on deleting messages from the search results pane and she has fixes for opening filters to the correct account and making double clicking on a filter open up the filter rules dialog.
  • David made good progress on writing code for recording and playback of offline imap operations and took part in offline design meetings.  He found another cause of runaway NNTP connections, and he fixed a bug where unread counts in imap folders that are filtered into were often wrong.
  • John Myers fixed a message header folding bug.
  • Hakan Waara made it so that descenders don't get cut off in the mail compose subject field and for other UI polish.
  • Takayuki Tei made it so that we can search bodies for strings with non-Ascii characters, create filters rules based on bodies with non-Ascii characters, and search local mail using the correct charset.
  • Mark Olson fixed javascript warnings.
  • Doron Rosenberg added the filename to the Save Image context menu.
  • Blake Ross made it so that you can drag urls out of the message  pane.
  • Naoki Hotta added the folder charset UI to the folder properties dialog.