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Mailnews Status 1/22

Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 22 bugs.
  • David fixed a common cause of the "phantom unread" local message bug which caused unread counts to be higher than the number of messages in the folder.  He made some progress on the recording and playback of offline operations.  He participated in offline UI design meetings.
  • Navin worked on drag and drop of mail folders.
  • Scott rewrote the windows specific registry look up code to include   using the MIME database to map from a content type to a file extension fixing   a number of attachment bugs. He made it so that if we get an unknown or octet content type that we try to find a helper app based on the file extension before giving up. 
  • Seth continued working on sort performance.  He also made it so that the subscribe dialog's cancel button will dismiss the dialog.
  • Jean-Francois worked on getting the HTML domain code ready to check in.  He also worked on making it so that the drafts folder shows the message in the same charset it was saved in.
  • Bhuvan continued working on the Account level page by making all of  the items work and making it be context sensitive between news and mail. Next week he'll work on Get Msg for multiple accounts and start looking into biff issues.
  • Candice added a pref to make it so that the user can turn off adding  addresess from news postings to the collected address book.  She also is working on making the pref that limits the size of the collected address book work correctly.
  • Gaytri worked on deleting messages from the search dialog.
  • Andrew Taylor made it so that Open Message opens all selected messages.
  • Simon Lucy worked on newsgroup context menus.
  • Håkan B. Waara made folder names in the folder properties dialog be read only.
  • Alec Flett made the thread pane get focus when a folder is loaded.
  • Joe Hewitt made the file button behave the same as the other mail toolbar buttons.
  • Mark Olson fixed some javascript warnings
  • Blake Ross fixed some javascript warnings