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Mailnews Status 1/16

Mailnews Accomplishments:
  • Resolved as fixed 45 bugs     .
  • David did more work on offline including making it so that we display a message stating that the user is offline when they try to download  a  message when offline, working on backend work for compacting offline stores of news/imap messages, and starting the implementation of recording offline imap events .  He made it so that right clicking on an  image and saving it no longer crashes. He made it so that  we don't filter imap messages multiple times when messages are deleted.  He made it so that biff doesn't put up a dialog when the server is down. And he did some performance work to cache filestreams when updating local messages.
  • Scott made relative links in mail message bodies work and he now shows hover link information in the 3 pane status bar.  He also attended a design review of the new cache model.
  • Seth started working on sorting performance.  He added folder charset support for news which was a P1 bug for the I18N team.  He fixed a couple of bugs related to the Mark toolbar button.
  • Varada fixed a number of compose window bugs including making it so that the reply-to gets picked up from the identity, preventing attaching duplicate files, and making checkmarks work in the view menu.  He also finished the HTML Domains UI and most of the backend which will both soon be checked in.
  • Navin fixed one of the "unknown error" bugs which was occurring when dragging messages from news to pop and he fixed a bug where copying/moving messages could corrupt a mail folder.
  • Jean-Francois got printing to work in the compose window and made it so that autocomplete will work against the first name as well.  This week he will start working on decoding AppleDouble attachments..
  • Bhuvan worked on cleaning up his fixes for logging into multiple accounts on startup and changes to some account wizard screens.  He also started working on the new account page and will start working on the Get Msg button with regard to multiple accounts this week.
  • Candice fixed some of our address book database leaks and worked on  adding a pref to prevent messages from newsgroups adding addresses to the  collected address book.  She's going to start working on making sure the collected address book obeys the size limit pref
  • Håkan Waara for added property dialog menu items and made the delete messages on server checkbox be dependent on the leave messages on server checkbox in the account manager.
  • Mark Olson fixed some js strict warnings.
  • John Myers removed some dead code in libmime.
  • Dan Matejka worked on persisting the minimize and maximize state.
  • helped fix the bug where long folder names caused the New Folder dialog to get way too big.
  • Makoto Kato fixed the bug where the address book import couldn't handle Japanese address book filenames correctly.