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Mailnews Status 12/5

Mailnews Accomplishments:
  • Resolved as fixed 16 bugs.
  • Jean-Francois Ducarroz continued work on reply performance by looking into message compose initialization
  • Seth Spitzer fixed a number of subscribe bugs and made it so newsgroups are threaded by default. He continued spending a lot of time answering questions on the n.p.m.mail-news newsgroup.  He also posted to n.p.m.mail-news the results that he and Suresh got when trying to simulate random accessenumerators on mail folders.
  • Navin Gupta made it so that you can't rename or create a local folder with a name that already exists. He also made it so that you can't move/copy messages to a folder only folder.
  • David Bienvenu continued the offline design/implementation and added offline folder flags
  • Varada Parthasarathi worked on general compose issues, in particular, on memory leaks and on the handling of Account Wizard during compose with a new profile.
  • worked on 60783 which makes it so that we delete news passwords when deleting a news account
  • worked on 61007 which speeds up the retrieval of newsgroups from the server.
  • Blake Ross made it so you can drag and drop mail messages to the compose window.

Profile Manager:
  • Bhuvan Racham finished the transition of the Profile Manager to Conrad.