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Mailnews Status 12/18

Mailnews Accomplishments:
  • Resolved as fixed 29 bugs.
  • Jean-Francois spent most of the week working on regressions, but he also started looking at Apple single/double encoding for sending attachments.
  • David helped Alec with expiring history entries and with a history db corruptionbug.  He also helped Seth with 58238 which is a subscribe dialog crasher.  He fixed an IMAP interop bug with the Lotus Domino IMAP server and he continued making progress on offline mail.
  • Varada worked on memory leaks and some regressions.
  • Navin implemented expunge Inbox on exit for Imap.  He also made it so that the new folder dialog sizes itself correctly.
  • Seth made it so that we properly migrate secure mail and news servers from 4.x. as well as working on the subscribe dialog crasher.
  • Bhuvan fixed a crash that occurred when closing the SMTP server dialog.  He also made it so that the account manager list is updated immediately upon deletion and creation of accounts which prevents the list we save to prefs from getting messed up.
  • Candice made it so that we used nsIFilePicker instead of nsIFileSpecWithUI in the address book.
  • worked on  60904 which made it so filters can be edited.
  • Peter Annema made the new and rename folder dialogs have focuswhen they come up and he also cleaned up the dialog code.
  • made it so that weshow the recipient column in the drafts and unsent messages folders.
  • Ben Bucksch will be trying to enhance the ISP support in Mailnews and Mozilla in  general. ISPs should be able to configure Mozilla (mail/news-accounts,  proxies, startpage, etc.) with some some consistent and simple steps, without  requiring any user intervention and ideally without overwriting any  existing configuration.