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Mailnews Status 12/11

Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Resolved as fixed 23 bugs.
  • Jean-Francois Ducarroz fixed a memory leak where we were leaking the whole body  every time we sent a message. He also improved how we pass arguments to the  compose window.
  • David Bienvenu made good progress on downloading imap messages into a localstore,  and being able to display messages from the offline store.
  • Seth Spitzer made it so that we allow '@' in the username.  This bug was  showing up as a highly requested item on our feedback response and it was  preventing a number of people from using mail. He also fixed a few subscribe  bugs.
  • Navin Gupta continued working on some IMAP rename folder issues.
  • Bhuvan made it so that the mail server port changes automatically based on the state of the secure checkbox. He also made it so that you can't have identical account names.
  • Scott MacGregor worked on a fix for a top crasher in nsglobalHistory::AddPage.
  • Candice Huang made it so that creating a mailing list makes the mailing list  show up in the Address Book results pane.
  • Fabian Guisset fixed 61967 which made it so that hitting enter twice on a blank addressing  line moves the cursor to the subject field.
  • fixed 61748 which made it so that signature truncation no longer occurred in some cases.
  • David Baron helped fix some mailnews build bustage.
  • Blake Ross removed more dependencies we had on navigator.js.   This fix also made it so we can bookmark through the mail context menu.
  •   gave us the basis of the work that Bhuvan used to fix the mail server port bug mentioned above.
  • Jennifer Glick held an Issues Meeting to discuss first usage usability study with mail team. She prioritized top mail related issues and posted meeting summary to n.p.m.mail-news.  This week she'll focus on issues related to getting started using mail.