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Mailnews Status 11/27

Mailnews Accomplishments
  • Resolved as fixed 13 bugs in Bugzilla.
  • Jean-Francois Ducarroz did some performance work on replying to a message andposted the results to n.p.m.mail-news.
  • Gayatri Bhimaraju made it so there's feedback when there are no search results.
  • Navin Gupta made it so that folder-only-folders don't display an error dialogwhen selecting them.
  • Seth Spitzer removed a lot of bloat from the subscribe dialog.
  • Blake Ross removed mailnews' dependency on the browser for themessage pane context menu and made File | New Message work in the composewindow.
Profile Manager
  • Bhuvan Racham is going to hand over ownership of the Profile Manager codeto Conrad Carlen.  They'll be working together to make sure there's a good transition and Bhuvan will be around for consultation.