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UI Specification 

Return Receipts

Last Modification:

Author: Jennifer Glick 
Creation Date: February 15, 2002

Status:  Draft



Feature Team


 Scott Putterman, Jeff Tsai 


 Kevin Murray


 Esther Goes 


 Robin Foster Clark 


 Jennifer Glick




Open Issues/Bugs

  1. 16241 - Implement MDN Return Receipts



Generates a Read receipt upon opening of a mail message, which is then sent to the original sender. Only MDN receipts being implemented for now (not DSN).


Design Details

1. Global Preferences


2. Per Account Preference Override

Default is to use the global settings for return receipts. When "Customize return receipts for this account" radio button is not selected, its child options are disabled.


3. Per Message Options

Users can enable or disable return receipts on a per message basis using the Mail Compose Options menu. If preferences are set to always request a return receipt, the "Return Receipt" menu item should have a check mark. Selecting the Return Receipt menu item again removes the check mark and the message will be sent without requesting a return receipt.


4. Opening a Msg Requesting a RR

User opens a message and the sender has requested a receipt. The following dialog appears on top of the opened message.


5. A RR Message

The user receives an email receipt when the recipient has opened the email message.