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Addressbook Prefs Proposal to support LDAP

  • Should have one directory pane either under "Mail/News" or "Advanced" in the main preferences. All directories (including sub-trees) would be configured here.
  • Should have one typedown pane per mail/news accounts, probably moved from preferences
  • Probably second addressbook pane per mail/news account (not required for typedown addressing)
  • Post 0.9: mailfilters-style interface (ie ordered list of servers) for multiple searches
  • Local addressbook should take preference over LDAP
  • use cn for display name
Directory pane (prefs; under mail/news or advanced); patterned after Mozilla helper-apps pane
  • Directory Name
  • Hostname
  • BaseDN (prefill  button next to text field, possibly bringing up popup if multiple suffixes)
  • Advanced: (in separate box labelled Advanced, or separate dialog opened by Advanced button)
    • Port number
    • Optional:
      • Login Userid
      • Password
    • Search filter
    • Scope
    • Don't return more than X results (?)  (possibly hidden)
Typedown pane (mail/news accounts)
  • Move "Enable address autocomplete" from Address Books preference to per-account typedown pane
  • Move rest of Address Books pane to Mail/News global pane (a la the SMTP server), with an eye towards moving it to a per-account pane in the future
  • Per-account typedown pane:
    • exactly like Pinpoint Addressing "box" of 4.x preferences Addressing pane
    • plus one more item: "Don't complete against more than ___ results"
  • Timeouts: may need to set timeouts in the query itself, in the XPCOM wrapper, and in the typedown addressing code.
  • Default servers?  Dynamic update of from server (eg, Netcenter)?