MachV/Mozilla: Mail


Issues Meeting Summary



Author: Jennifer Glick 
Date: 17 September  2001

Attendees: Scott Macgregor, Jennifer Glick, Robin Foster Clark, Laurel Carlson, Kevin Murray



  1. Priority column would need to give up color, and use some other indicator instead of colored text to indicate priority.  Priority will use non-colored text. Maybe use icons for priority column if 5 distinct icons could be created.
  2. Need icon for "Label" column. Use the text "Label" instead of an icon. The other columns that use icons as headers are narrow columns, such as Read/Unread and Flag.
  3. Do we want to allow users to change the names of labels? Yes.
  4. Do we want to allow users to modify the colors of each label? Yes. Need to look into potential issues regarding the header color and the selection highlight color combinations.
  5. Limited the number of labels to 5 or do we allow users to create more labels? Limit the number to 5 for now. A potential future feature would be to allow creation of additional features.
  6. Limit label category names to 32 characters.
  7. Do we want a preference to allow users to display color for the Label column only and not the whole row? Not for now, use color for the whole role.
  8. Add "Label" menu item to the "Message" menu or the "Message-->Mark" menu?  "Message" menu, too deep a level otherwise.
  9. Clicking on the label name (not the column) in each row, should cause a sort action or a cycle action? A cycle action. Cycle the message header through the available headers and "Off" state.
  10. Show the Label column by default? No.
  11. Show "Label" in the context menu for the Thead Pane area?  Probably.
  12. Default Label names? Hotest, Hot, Warm, Cold and Coldest, but users can change these using prefs.