MachV/Mozilla: Mail

Issues Meeting Summary

Filters Prefill & Block Address #2


Author: Jennifer Glick 
Date: 06 August  2001

Atendees: Scott Macgregor, Jennifer Glick, Robin Foster Clark, Laurel Carlson, Varada Parthasarathi, Kevin Murray, Erik Nierenberg.


Open Issues

  1. Is there a limit to the size of the Blocked Email Addresses list?
  2. Robin to provide email message for Junk Mail folder.
  3. Aging of messages might not yet be available,  hence the  "Delete messages older that X days from the Junk Mail folder" setting might not be available.


  1. WebMail (Netscape only).  Both Prefill Filter and Block Address features should be available for WebMail. mscott, 8/6/01.
  2. Block Sender - Once the user has blocked a sender, should we ask them if they want to check their Inbox for any messages from this sender?  No, too many dialogs. 8/6/01.
  3. Prefill Filter - Once the user has finished creating the filter, should we ask them if they want to run the filter they just created now (on existing Inbox messages)? No.  We will run the filter on the current message (message from which the user based the new filter on) and all future messages. If we get feedback from users that they expected the filter to apply to all previous messages as well, we will re-evaluate. 8/6/01.