MachV/Mozilla: Mail

Issues Meeting Summary

Filters Prefill & Block Address


Author: Jennifer Glick 
Date: 01 August  2001

Atendees: Scott Putterman, Jennifer Glick, Seth Spitzer, Robin Foster Clark, Laurel Carlson, Varada Parthasarathi, Kevin Murray, Erik Nierenberg.


Open Issues

  1. Is there a limit to the size of the Blocked Email Addresses list?
  2. Robin to provide email message for Junk Mail folder.
  3. WebMail (Netscape only). Prefill Filter is probably doable for WebMail.  Block Sender feature is still questionable. 
  4. Prefill Filter - Once the user has finished creating the filter, should we ask them if they want to run the filter they just created now (on existing Inbox messages)?
  5. Block Sender - Once the user has blocked a sender, should we ask them if they want to check their Inbox for any messages from this sender?  


Prefill Filter

  1. The filter name field is prefilled with the email address that was clicked on in the mail message envelope, not the Pretty Name.
  2. If a filter with that name already exists, the email address is appended with a number to make it unique. For example, "" when "" is already being used as the name of a filter.  This check will occur when the user selects "Create Filter" so that the Filter Rules dialog opens with a valid filter name prefilled.
  3. Change Menu item from "Create a Filter..." to "Create Filter" to match format of other menu items.


Block Sender

  1. Change "Block Address" name of dialog to "Block Email Address" to avoid confusion with IM feature.
  2. Change "Blocked Addresses List" name of dialog to "Blocked Email Addresses".
  3. The Junk Mail folder is a Local Folder and shared across all accounts. It is created by default for new users.  It can not be deleted and it can not be renamed.
  4. An email message, explaining the Block Sender feature and the purpose of the Junk Mail, will be included in the Junk Mail folder.  Robin to provide.
  5. Add a "Do not show this dialog again" checkbox to "Block Email Address" dialog.
  6. Blocked Addresses will NOT be account specific but across all accounts.
  7. Change wording on "Block Email Address" dialog so it isn't account specific.
  8. Change wording of "Blocked Email Addresses" dialog so it isn't account specific.
  9. Remove account selector menu from "Blocked Email Addresses" dialog.
  10. Change wording of "Delete the contents of the Junk Mail folder..." to "Delete messages older that X days from the Junk Mail folder".
  11. Turn "Empty" check box on by default.
  12. Blocked Email Addresses dialog - add "Confirm when blocking email addresses" checkbox.
  13. When the user attempts to add a new email address to the blocked list using this dialog, we should check to make sure the email address is a valid format, for example <>, and avoid duplicate email addresses.  An error dialog should open as appropriate: "Please enter a valid email address".  "An entry with that email address already exists".