MachV/Mozilla: Mail: Import

UI Specification


Last Modification:

Author: Jennifer Glick 
Creation Date: 3 October 2001

Status: Draft



Feature Team


 Scott Putterman, Srilatha Moturi, Seth Spitzer. 


 Gregg Landskov, Kevin Murray


 Esther Goes, Ninoschka Baca


 Robin Foster Clark  


 Jennifer Glick 


  1. 70530 - After importing, what account names should appear? 
  2. 86991 - imported mail needs to be placed as subfolder to "Local Folders" instead of as new incoming servers.
  3. 99936 - Import Address Books, what should address book names be? 
  4. 115701 - Import Text label should be more descriptive (ldif, ldi, csv, tab, txt)
  5. 117844 - Import Mail and Import Settings dialog blank on linux
  6. 118817 - Re-import mail settings, display message that accounts already exist 


Open Issues

  1. What if multiple accounts? Bring them all in or ask? Bring them all in - verify with Kevin.
  2. What if its a Netscape account? An some accounts have already been migrated. Add "2" to name? Tell user there is a dup account?
  3. Dup because of server info or account name?
  4. Does account bring in local messages as well?
  5. Local Pop - pull into account. Local Folders all pulled into a "Product" folder with subfolders or folder names.
  6. Messages only with mult accounts. "Outlook Express" local folder, Accts folders with subfolders.
  7. New Account Wizard. Option to import. Take them first screen of Import Wizard? Or assume they want to import and Account (vs Messages vs AB).
  8. List of application options, can we list only detected software? Future? No programs detected.
  9. Complete screen, higher level summary, for accts.
  10. What if multiple ABs? Local only. Don't worry about LDAP for now.
  11. Is multiple identities an issue?
  12. Most apps merge pop accounts into the same hierarcy. When we migrate those accounts can we separate them out?

Design Overview


Provide users with an easy and straight forward method to import Accounts, Messages and/or Address Books from other applications.


Design Details

When Messages only are imported, they will appear under Local Folders, in a folder with the name of the application from which the message were imported. For example: 

- Local Folders
  Unsent Messages
  Outlook Express Mail (subfolders within this folder as nec)

If an Account is imported, it should appear at account level in Mail. 

When messages only are imported, its folders are treated as generic folders (no special folders).  

On completion of message import, the Local Folders twistie is expanded and the newly imported folder has focus. On completion of account import, the newly imported account is expanded and has focus.


A. Import Wizard

Note: Purple text in dialogs is alternate text depending on what application is selected.

1. Account 

Screen 1


Screen 2


Screen 3 - Optional As Necessary


Screen 4


Screen 5


2. Messages

Screen 1


Screen 2


Screen 3 - Optional As Necessary


Screen 4


Screen 5


3. Address Book

Screen 1


Screen 2


Screen 3 - Optional As Necessary


Screen 4a - Mail Apps, Text File - LDIF


Screen 4b - Text Files- .tab, .cvs, .txt 


Screen 5