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Getting Started with Mozilla Mail Spam Filtering

  1. First, train it to recognize Junk messages and Non-Junk messages:

    • Tools | Mark Selected Messages as Junk
    • Tools | Mark Selected Messages as Not Junk
    • Click on the Junk toolbar button.
    • Click on the thread pane icon (it will toggle the state)
  2. Go to "Tools | Junk Mail Controls..." and enable the feature for your imap or pop account. (News is not enabled yet.) This will cause us to automatically classify (ie guess) the junk status of any incoming messages.
  3. If you've trained it on virus mail, consider disabling the white listing, watch it catch messages that contain the klez virus
  4. Make sure to correct it when it incorrectly labels messages either as junk or not junk.
  5. Select messages and do "Tools | Run Junk Mail Controls" to analyze old messages.
  6. Try out the view: "View | Not Junk". It's especially nice if you don't want to move junk messages, but you don't want to see them either.