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movemail support in Mozilla

Seth Spitzer

movemail is not officially supported. movemail is a low priority. use it (or attempt to use it) at your own risk.

That said, there is some basic support for internal movemail in current Mozilla trunk builds.

Here's a list of current movemail bugs.

Creating a Movemail account in a current build (Mozilla 1.6 or later)

With the checkins for Bug 107833 and Bug 212804, movemail accounts can be created from the Mail/News account wizard.

Creating a Movemail account in an older build

For older builds, movemail accounts can be set up in one of two ways:

  1. Set up a movemail account in Netscape 4.x and migrate that profile to Mozilla.


  1. Create a pop account in Mozilla
  2. Exit Mozilla, edit prefs.js and change the server type from "pop3" to "movemail".

    For example, change:

    user_pref("mail.server.server6.type", "pop3");


    user_pref("mail.server.server6.type", "movemail");

I want to fix it, where's the code?

nsMessengerMigrator.cpp contains the movemail migration code.
nsMovemailService.cpp contains the internal movemail code.
movemail.c is an external movemail application (from the 4.x days) but it hasn't been made to work with mozilla.
(if you resurrect movemail.c, see bug #174008, which has a list of flawfinder warnings about that code.)


Thanks to Adam Moss ( and Philip K. Warren for working on movemail in Mozilla.