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testing the compose window
Seth Spitzer

If you're changing something big, make sure to these permutations to avoid regressions:

{signature, no signature}
{reply, new msg, fwd inline, fwd attachment, edit as new, exit draft, send page, send as link}
{html, plaintext}
{cached, not cached, see this FAQ}
{win, mac, linux}
{for reply: quote message, no quote}
{for reply: start reply above, start reply below, select text}

Here's the ways you can bring up the compose window:
  1. click on mailto: link
  2. from browser: File | Send Page
  3. from browser: File | Send Link
  4. File | New | Message
  5. from addressbook: Select addressbook card, click the compose button
  6. addressbook sidebar (double click, and right click context menu)
  7. click on an address in a message header in the message pane, then do "Compose Mail To"
  8. toolbar buttons (Compose, Reply, etc) in 3 pane or stand alone msg window
  9. thread pane context menu
  10. message pane context menu
  11. (possibly more?  let's make this list complete...)