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AB Outliner Branch

(landed 12-21-2001)

open UI issues
  1. dnd scenarios, move vs. copy, see this page  
  2. mailing lists (duplicate entries)
  3. creating cards when viewing mailing list
  4. creating mail list when viewing mail list
  5. should remote addrbook show up in pickers?
  6. should read only addrbooks show up in all pickesr
  7. should remove show up in sidebar?
  8. many more...
  9. sidebar defaults?  (only two columns, which shown by default?)
  10. mailing list dialog should be modal?
some scenarios for testing
  1. viewing mailing list, properties on that mailing list, add a card
  2. viewing mailing list, properties on that mailing list, delete a card
  3. viewing mailing list 1 on dir 1, drop card from mailing list 1 on dir 1 to
  4. viewing dir 1, drop card from dir 1 to mailing list 1 on dir 1
  5. view dir 1 in results, dir 2 in sidebar, drop card from dir 1 to dir 2
  6. view dir 1 in results, dir 2 in sidebar, drop card from dir 1 to mail list 2 on dir 2
  7. view dir 1, drop card from dir 1 to dir 2
  8. view dir 1, drop card from dir 1 to mail list on dir 2
  9. view mail list on dir, drop card from mail list to mail list on dir 2
  10.  problems when manually entering dups into mailing list
  11.  viewing dir 1 in side bar, view mailing list 1 on dir 1 in results.  delete cards
  12. see about what happens if I open an ab that I'm not autocompleteing against from the addressbook, and then close addressbook.
    that one should no longer be cached.
  13. delete card is slow, when you have lots of mailing lists
what needs to be done, but can wait until after the branch lands
  1. need way to copy generic columns when copying card (needed for screenname), bienvenu working on NextCell() for me to do this.
  2. .csv / .tab doesn't do mailing list (4.x doesn't do mailing lists either)
  3. .csv / .tab export & i18n (utf8, base64, system char set?)
  4. delete next ab after deleting  addressbook and ab panel?
  5. cards in mailing list not always the cards in results pane when you select the mailing list
  6. delete multiple mailings in results, stay around
  7. drop on mailing list can fail silently, after bad delete of mailing list items?
  8. test outlook / mapi (send mail to sun people)
  9. UI issues with import dialog when you import (you can dnd, you can check check, need a check all?)  need a (skip first card?)
  10. bug:  when you delete mailing list from dir tree, stays in sidebar
  11. status text when copying cards
  12. status text when deleting cards
  13. status text when exporting
  14. // XXX TODO when Outlook Express exports to .csv, the first line of the file is the column descriptions.
    // and I think we should too.  (otherwise, this data is just data, who knows what is what.)
    // but we have to fix the import code to skip the first card before we can do that.
    // the problem is Netscape 4.x didn't this, so if we always skip the first card
    // we'll lose data when importing from 4.x
  15. lose screename, prefer html, mailing lists when going to txt, csv, tab, ldif
  16. todo, export to ldif
  17. match up import field map strings in addressbook strings  (strings are there twice.)
  18. prompt for which fields on export?
  19. // avoid extra copying and allocations (did dmb already do this on the trunk?)
  20. investigate nsMimeMiscStatus::GetIndividualXUL() in the ns tree.
  21. synch should remember password / username
  22. synch not working for mailings lists (should skip them?)
  23. synch not working for screen name
  24. synch should be using common dialog .js
  25. synch cancel button too big
  26. migration of ab columns:
  27. filename for ldap directory:
  28. splitter jumping:
  29. splitter jumping for addressbook
  30. don't build / ship outlook, mapi ab junk for ns 6.x?
  31. when doing a drag and drop, you sometimes see a line when moving between  Address Books which gives the impression that you can drop between address books.  There shouldn't be any feedback unless you're over an address book
  32. better display of mailing list addressses in card pane.
  33. re-adding, a deleted list, same name, problems (cards)
  34. view mail list, new card, card shows up in view (but it isn't in the mailing list)
  35. view mail list, new mailing list, card shows up in view (but it isn't in the mailing list)
  36. ascending / descending issue
  37. need way to show generic columns in card view
  38. fix how addresses look in card pane when viewing mailing list
  39. discuss problems with mailing lists, showing in results and directory tree
  40. docs on how addressbook works (ha ha ha)
  41. drag of address into compose address area, overrides (if no second line)
  42. delete toolbar button not always enabled? cmd updating (delete, properties, etc) [problems with selection.count]
  43. properly disable properties / delete in addressbook (including ldap) [problem with selection.count?]
  44. compose / properties / delete button focus (need to check results, dir pane, sidebar for focus),  properties / compose / to problem when the dir pane has selection (select addresses and addressbook)
  45. adding a card when in mailing list doesn't add to mailing list
  46. File|New|Message doesn't preflight the compose window with the selected card or list, like the compose button does. (should it?)
  47. fix bloat, be lazy with nsIAbCard (work on autocomplete perf, CAB perf)
  48. disable edit in "select addresses dialog" if 0 selected
  49. investigate how we look for mailing lists or looking for formatting
  50. drag and drop of multiple emails into mailing list dialog, creates one giant email (instead of several) [should it modal?]
  51. fix dnd scenarios:  see this page  
  52. pickers not right, when mailing list selected in dir pane, and you hit new card or new list
  53. delete directory or mailing list from directory pane, reselect parent (or something) and clear the results pane?  (remember sidebar, too, delete directory from dir pane, not deleted from sidebar)
  54. dnd of mailing list to new addressbook, shows up as a card
  55. should mailing list autocomplete just be for whats in that directory?
  56. leaks galore in nsAddbookProtocolHandler.cpp
  57. show name changes need to restore selection (as it causes a resort)
  58. selection jumps in collected addressbook, if that is open when you are reading mail.
  59. improve how cab add / remove works.
  60. no strcmp, map right to mork.
  61. rename collecter -> collector
  62. improve listener foo (still too much going on)
  63. default height for splitter (to save a paint)
  64. more perf work, footprint work on ab.
  65. PRPackedBool
  66. inline methods
  67. de COM tamination
  68. column changes in outliner should force a invalidate (hyatt owns this bug)
  69. // XXX fix me to be GetSelectedRanges(), function GetSelectedRows()
  70. // non-string data. TBD! (this is part of the reason why you can't dnd anything other than strings)
  71. editCardToDatabase (move this method from the card to the db / directory)
  72. sort indicators in sidebar
  73. sort persistance in sidebar
  74. (i18n) get first / last separators from .properties file
  75. dnd from ab sidebar panel to compose, etc.
  76. allow generic attrs to show in card view
  77.     // XXX need to check if _Generic is valid.  GetCardValue() will always return NS_OK for _Generic
        // we're going to have to ask mDirectory if it is.
        // it might not be.  example:  _ScreenName is valid in Netscape, but not Mozilla.
  78. // XXX do this conversion once, and cache it. (column to column str)
  79. improve how we do LRU in collected AB.
  80. twisty stays after deleting last mailing list
  81. allow the user to modify screen name when offline (should be doable now,
    the UI needs to be fixed to allow it.)
  82. stop after n hits when doing autocomplete.
  83. ab synch, screen name synch
  84. ab synch, skip mailing list synch (skip)
  85. no ab synch pass dialog (nbaca says this is on the trunk, I don't have this problem on the branch)
  86. ab sync ui is ugly (screen shots coming)
  87. copy "screenname" when card is copied
  88. show "screenname" (and any other generic attributes?) in the preview pane
  89. running an ldap query can affect other views (leaving duplicates).
  90. fix mCardDatabase
  91. center import wizard.
  92. return issues in mailing list dialog
  93. return issues in notes dialog issues
  94. Click on the horizontal grippy so the card pane is collasped and the Show/Hide|Card Summary menu item is still checked.  If the card pane is at first collapsed and then it is resized so the card pane is displayed then again the Card Summary menu item is not updated.
    - Expect: the Card Summary menu item should reflect the state of the card pane whether it was changed via the grippy, resizing the pane or the menu item. It actually appears to occur via the menu item but not the grippy or resizing.
  95. show name as needs to update selection
big addressbook notes
  1. need to show in addressbook or just allow query?  or only need to autocomplete
  2. for LDAP, and big local abs, don't show anything, at start, wait for quick search
  3. enumerating cards in the view won't scale in nsAbView
  4. loading 40mb .mab file won't scale
  5. import is slow (at least, from ldif)
  6. don't open replicated ab's when for looking for mailing lists (this is slow)
  7. on send, skip large addressbooks if we know they don't have any mailing lists
other addressbook todo
  1. Mailing List Address entry area should look like Mail Compose Addressing area. 45173
  2. Address Book: Clicking onto a blank column resorts. 32929
  3. Disable the Edit button and Card property Menu when focus is on Address Book  76382
  4. Should new list appear in the Directory Pane in alphabetical order?  76418
  5. Addr Book: ScreenName resize does not stay after exit/reopen  92152    
  6. remove card in select addresspane, select next one.
  7. printing cards
  8. printing addressbooks
  9. context menus?