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Engineering plan for Prefill Filter

Last updated: 10/03/2001

The following document summarizes the engineering plan to support prefill filters. For an overview of the prefill filters feature please see the UE specs located at: .  

Task Breadown

Time (in days)
Context Menu Changes
  • Message Pane
  • Thread Pane
  • Messages --> create filter
  • command updating / enabling
Change Filter APIs
  • Pass in filter name
  • Pass in suggested criteria / attribute ("Sender")
  • Pass in the value (email address)
After the Fact Filters *

Total Man Days:  4 days

Risks / Unknowns
The only real unknown is the completion of after the fact filtering. And that's not a requirement for having this feature.

Early cuts
The ability to perform after the fact filtering after you create this new prefill filter.