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JavaScript Scripting Resources

Currently, does not host JavaScript scripting specific documentation.

The following external sites contain more information than we could possibly hope to duplicate in a finite amount of time. The documents on the other side of these links are not maintained by, please report any problems with the sites to the appropriate owner.

Site Description
Netscape Client-Side JavaScript Documentation Client side JavaScript reference from
Cetus JavaScript/ECMAScript page Cetus Links page containing gobs and gobs of excellent JavaScript Links.
Cetus JScript page Cetus Links page with links specific to Microsoft's implementation of JavaScript.
DHTML Lab, Doc JavaScript Dynamic HTML Examples and Script Libraries hosted by
DynAPI Dynamic HTML API and examples, based on the work done by Dan Steinman for the original Dynamic Duo (DynAPI 1), DynAPI 2 and DynAPI 3 libraries.
The JavaScript Source If you cheated off your friends in high school, these pages give you the opportunity to try the same approach to your web design. The premise is, you find the script that does what you think you want on these pages, and just copy it into your page. It's probably a good idea to use this in conjunction with some reference material, because blind cut-n-paste scripting is sure to get you into trouble.
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition An excellent book on JavaScript (covering up to 1.5) by David Flanagan and published by O'Reilly & Associates. No JavaScript library is complete without this book (really.)
The JavaScript Bible Another great JavaScript book. Written by Danny Goodman, with a foreword by Brendan Eich, this one has more examples embedded in HTML than The Definitive Guide.
comp.lang.js Usenet discussion group on Client Side JavaScript in web browsers.
netscape.devs-javascript Newsgroup for discussion of Client Side JavaScript in Netscape browsers only.
#JavaScript on EFNet #JavaScript is an IRC channel on the EFNet IRC network dedicated to JavaScript Scripting discussions.

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