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Projects using the JavaScript engines

d2jsp is the Diablo II JavaScript Parser, an embedded implementation of a JavaScript engine for executing user program code (scripts) inside Diablo II. d2jsp can be used to make Diablo II do almost anything that can be done in the game by a human player, and some things (such as knowing the immunities of monsters four screens away) that cannot. d2jsp does not attempt to exploit any bugs in Diablo II's programming, the protocol, or the servers.

dim3 is an Mac OS X "game without content", it's a platform designed for mod makers to make their own 3D games. dim3 is designed for rapid-development of unique creations. dim3 delivers a modern OpenGL 3D world where everything, from low-level attributes like the alpha of a single polygon, to high level tasks like the AI of a monster, to overall map properties like camera type or physics, is scriptable using the SpiderMonkey Javascript engine. Best of all, dim3 is free for any use.

ICEbrowser is a Java browser SDK implementing modern web browsing standards and providing close compatibility with Mozilla. ICEbrowser uses Rhino as its JavaScript scripting engine. ICEsoft's StormBase architecture provides the hooks for interfacing any content handler to any script language, and provides a Scripter interface to Rhino. This gives any component including ICEbrowser full access to the JavaScript engine. As a great side effect you also get LiveConnect, with transparent scripting from JavaScript of every Java API exposed by a component or plugin.

iPlanet Web Servers
iPlanet Netscape Enterprise Server 4.0 is the latest web server from the Sun-Netscape Alliance. It uses the JavaScript 1.4 and LiveConnect 3 engines from to support Server Side JavaScript (SSJS) and LiveWire Database connectivity. It is a product of the close cooperation between the web server team and JavaScript developers. iPlanet NES 4.0 is the first known product to use the JavaScript XDR format for compiling and storing JavaScript programs. For more details, please see the Netscape Enterprise Server documentation, or send mail to Viswanath Ramachandran.

K-3D is a 3D modeling and animation system in C++. It embeds the Spidermonkey JavaScript engine to provide custom scripting (a user could create a script to create complex repetitive shapes like gears) and to drive an interactive tutorial system (users can record their interaction with the program as a JS script, which, when played back, moves the mouse pointer, selects menus, clicks buttons, etc). K-3D is GPL'd, cross-platform (Linux/Unix & Win32), and supports motion-picture quality rendering through the Pixar Renderman Interface.

Sphere RPG Engine
Sphere is a 2D RPG creation system that allows people with little programming experience to create games along the lines of Final Fantasy 4-6 and Phantasy Star 1-4. It uses SpiderMonkey for game scripting. The game developer writes a JavaScript file, using Sphere-provided objects like images and audio streams.

Web Crossing
Web Crossing includes SpiderMonkey as a server-side scripting environment. It provides a complete Web-server scripting environment, tailored for interactive content and online community. The server implementation allows you to create persistent objects stored in a built-in object-oriented database, so you can extend the server environment as required.

Whitebeam is a rapid development environment allowing Web applications to be built using only XML and server-side JavaScript. The project integrates SpiderMonkey with it's own XML engine into a single Apache module. The XML environment provides both event driven and DOM based manipulation of XML trees along with the XPath querying language - all controlled via a simple server-side JavaScript interface.