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jsd Enhancements

jsd is the 'bookkeeping' layer of the debug system. It is exposed to C via mozilla/js/jsd/jsdebug.h. jsd was created to support JSDebugger 1.x and has been further enhanced since. An XPCOM wrapper for jsd is being written.

TBD Add link to list of abilities in existing api.

Enhancement ideas...

  • Expose 'lines with code' api.
  • Expose watchpoints.
  • Expose call/return hook.
  • Expose Object create/destroy hook.
  • Expose watchpoint iterator.
  • Expose source change hook.
  • Expose source as Unicode.
  • Optionally insert native stack frames when building stack.
  • Detect uncaught exceptions - expose via hook.
  • Fill stack structures lazily.
  • Recycle threadstates objects - one per thread persistently.
  • Possibly merge Object and Value apis.
  • Possibly add stack snapshots w/ locals and args to a given depth.
  • Add built-in stepping support.

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