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UI Requirements

The purpose of this list is to gather together UI and widget requirements for the debugger. i.e. what are the underlying UI building blocks we need in order to build a debugger.


  • Ability to create top-level windows (associated with debugger window)
  • Ability to create 'child' windows. These may be floating dragable layers?
  • Modal dialogs
  • Resizable windows that smoothly relayout with sprints/struts-like constraints.
  • Docking - perhaps use a frames system and simulate docking the content
  • Dynamic tooltips (callback based to support 'instant-eval')
  • Ability to use JS to implemnt widgets (using COMConnect and gfx).
  • Ownerdraw areas - for when the widgets won't do.
  • Fancy source view (TBD elaborate on this :)
  • Fancy Inspector view - reuse for watches and locals (TBD elaborate on this :)
  • Tree with columns - user control over column choice and size via header UI
  • Fancy Console

last update: John Bandhauer 16 November 1998