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Mozilla Tree Rules
by Chris Yeh

If you want to check-in to the Mozilla Tree:

Checking into Mozilla:

  • If the owner has given you the go-ahead, you must make sure that your code compiles cleanly on all platforms (minimally, Win32, MacPPC, and Linux). If you do not know how to do this, e-mail leaf and he'll help you. XP horkage will not be tolerated.

  • Your check-in does not destabilize the tree or leave little things "to be cleaned up later." The code should be better, not worse. Do not litter it with #ifdef's that are never cleaned, or large sections of commented out functions.

  • If you have a large check-in or are about to land a branch, contact leaf. This way we can schedule and coordinate your check-in so that you aren't colliding with anyone else. We can arrange to have release engineers available to assist you in case something breaks.

  • Check Tinderbox and make sure the tree is green across all platforms. If it's red on a platform, don't check in.If you want, mail me and let me know. I'll probably tell you that someone is fixing it, and can give you an ETA for greenness. NEVER CHECK IN TO A BROKEN BUILD.

  • Consult bonsai to make sure the tree is open. You should only check into a closed tree if you're fixing bustage or in the car pool lane. Read about bonsai to find out more about car pools.

After checking-in:

  • After checking-in, you watch Tinderbox until your check-ins clear. You do not go home. You do not sleep. You do not log out or experiment with drugs. You do not become unavailable. If you break the tree,e-mail me and let me know you're fixing it. If you can't fix it and need help, ask me, and I'll point you at the right persons that can help.

  • If you broke the tree and I can't contact you within a reasonable amount of time, your changes will be backed out

Finally, Rule 0:

If you're not sure about how to do something CONTACT ME. I'm more than happy to help you out, and make sure that the right things can happen.