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The CVS Contributor Form

One of the steps in getting write access to the CVS tree is to fill out the CVS Contributor Form. This file is in PDF format. (On purpose. We need a format not intended for modification.) Print it, mourn the loss of a tree, fill it out and sign it. If you want potentially quicker access, fax it to the attention of Marcia Knous at 650.903.0875 and make a note of this in your CVS access request bug. If you prefer to send a PDF instead of a fax, please email it to Marcia Knous (See our directions for getting cvs write access.) Marcia or her designee should respond by updating the bug to confirm (or not) receipt of the fax. Mail the original form via postal mail to:

Marcia Knous
Mozilla Corporation
1981 Landings Drive. Building K
Mountain View, California 94043

(This is the "Notification Address" mentioned in the CVS Contributor Form.) Once the form has been received and checked, Marcia will give you access and close the bug.


  • Anything you check in must belong to you, or you must have full rights to publish and license it.
  • In particular, if you are contributing code using an account associated with your employer, you must have permission from your employer as discussed in the contributor form. Also, if you are checking in code written by someone else then you must have their permission to do so.
  • Your CVS account is for your own use only. Do not let others use it. If you find or suspect that someone else is using your account, notify us of the problem by filing a bug in the "" product, "CVS Account Request" component.
  • If you check in something for others, attribute them in the CVS log, including their name and email address.

Contact: Marcia Knous