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Mozilla FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Here are pointers to a few FAQ documents.

For End Users

Firefox FAQ
FAQ about the Firefox browser.
Thunderbird FAQ
FAQ about the Thunderbird email client.
Mozilla 1.5 FAQ
FAQ about Mozilla 1.5; good all-round coverage of important questions.
Wishlist FAQ
A list of commonly requested features from our wishlist newsgroup.

For Web Authors

Mozilla Web Author FAQ
Mozilla FAQ for Web designers


Netscape Public License FAQ
Answers to questions about the Netscape Public License, the license under which the Mozilla source code is shipped.
Mozilla Relicensing FAQ
Information on relicensing the Mozilla source code, specifically on compatibility issues with GNU General Public License (GPL).

For Developers

Mozilla FAQ
Pat Gunn has put together this FAQ of introductory materials, common build problems, etc.
Mozilla Build FAQ
Answers specific questions concerning the Mozilla build process.
Debugging Mozilla on Windows FAQ
Tips on debugging Mozilla. See also the Linux debugging FAQ.
Gecko Embedding FAQ
Answers to commonly questions about embedding Gecko, Mozilla's layout engine.
Gecko FAQ
Answers to questions about Mozilla's layout engine.
Code Review FAQ
Answers about's code review process.
Sheriff FAQ
Information on sheriffs, people who watch over the tree.


The following is a list of public documents pertaining to Netscape's announcement to release the Communicator source code and the creation of

Free Navigator FAQ
Answers to general questions regarding Netscape's January 22, 1998 announcement that Netscape Communicator and Navigator are now free, as well as very general Q&A about the plans to release source code.
Open Source FAQ
Answers to some specific questions from the developer community regarding Netscape's plan to release source code for its next major release of Netscape Communicator and Navigator. See also Netscape's own FAQ.
The Press Release
Netscape's announcement of the creation of

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