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(slightly out of date stats)

  • database cleansing and QA buddies -screening incoming reports and resolving as worksforme, duplicate, or invalid
    • 960 people have resolved 1 or more unconfirmed bugs
    • 100 people have resolved 20 or more unconfirmed bugs
    • 18 people have resolved 100 or more unconfirmed bugs
  • confirming the Unconfirmed -screening incoming reports for reproduceable issues and confirming the behavior.
    • 500 people have confirmed 1 or more
    • 115 people confirmed 20 or more
    • 21 people confirmed 100 or more
  • bug moving, reassigning, highlighting, adding test cases and other value
    • making sure that a bug is assigned correctly
    • shepherding bugs through the fixing process
    • creating test cases, refined steps to reproduce etc.