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Find/Replace Dialog

Last updated 1/21/99 by Charles Manske
Windows: Mac: UNIX:


  • Menu: Edit | Find/Replace in Page
  • This is a non-modal dialog: User can click in the document and edit text while the Find/Replace dialog is active. User must click Cancel/Close button or OS-specific window closing button to dismiss the dialog.
  • Initialization

    Nothing in current version. Suggestion: If there is selected text, use that as the initial value of the "Find what" editbox.

    Enable/Disable Rules

    Disable When
    All buttons except Cancel/Close "Find what" editbox is empty
    Replace and 
    Replace All buttons
    "Replace with" editbox is empty


    Click Button Response
    Match case checkbox All further searches will be case-sensitive if the checkbox is checked, or will ignore case if checkbox is unchecked.
    Find Next
    1. Select the next occurrence of the "Find what" text and scroll the document window to be sure selected text is visible. This scrolling should try to position the window so the Find/Replace dialog does not obscure the selected text in the window.
    2. Change text on "Cancel" button to "Close."
    1. Replace the "Find what" with the "Replace with" text. 
    2. Perform the "Find Next" action.
    3. Change text on "Cancel" button to "Close."
    Replace All
    1. Replace all occurrences of "Find what"' text with the "Replace with" text. (Don't do "Find Next" search.)
    2. Change text on "Cancel" button to "Close."
    Cancel/Close Close the dialog. Any text that was selected should remain selected.