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Editor "dogfood" (usability) issues

What bugs do we need to fix before the editor will be really usable for everyday editing tasks?  Please let us know what your own issues are!

We have a placeholder dogfood bug, 12658 with which it's easy to keep track of all the other dogfood bugs.
Use bugzilla's "show dependency tree" link to see the list with its subdependencies.

You can also query on editor bugs with "dogfood" in the summary; for selection-related bugs, use this query instead.

Here's our initial list (which may not be as up-to-date as the bug queries):
  1. Ability to set selection anywhere (Bug 4327)
  2. Actions result in unexpected selections (Bug 10654)
  3. Find nearest frame for selection (Bug 12076)
  4. Selection on blank lines (Bug 10682)
  5. Caret placement after last char in doc (Bug 10683)
  6. List creation and list on/off (Bug 10661)
  7. Paragraph - make normal (Bug 10685)
  8. Dialog perf (Bug 10686)
  9. Tab key kills focus (Bug ???)
  10. Down arrow scrolls (Bug 5709)
  11. Selection tweaking (Bug 10671)
  12. Perf-insert text (Bug 10687)
  13. Perf-selection in big docs (Bug 5761)
  14. Should load a blank page instead of EditorInitPage.html (Bug ???)
  15. Popup menus still not implemented on Unix (Bug ???)
  16. Selecting heading styles applies to the whole block, which means the whole document since there's no way to create paragraph breaks in our editor (Bug ???)
  17. Need to insert formatting whitespace after br, li and other tags. (Bug 490)
  18. Double-click to select word doesn't work (Bug 6875, 9981, 10279)
  19. Need mouse drag-selection (Bug 8015)

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