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XUL Widget Cheatsheet

<menu value="Menu Widget">
    <menuitem value="foo" />
    <menuitem value="shoo" />
    <menu value="sub">
        <menuitem value="subitem" />
<menulist value="Menulist Element">
    <menuitem value="foo" />
    <menuitem value="shoo" />
    <menuitem value="boo" />
<menubutton src="back.gif">
    <menuitem value="foo" />
    <menuitem value="shoo" />
    <menuitem value="boo" />
<checkbox value="Books" />
<checkbox value="Labrador Retriever" />
<checkbox class="iconic" src="TB_Location.gif" />
  <radio value="de Kooning" />
  <radio value="Pollock" checked="true" />
  <radio value="Kline" />
<textfield value="Fill in here" />
  value="I am a textarea now"   multiline="true" />
<button value="Click Me" />
  value="No, really. Click me." />
<tabcontrol align="vertical" style="background-color: lightgrey;" >
  <tabbox align="horizontal">
    <tab value="Tab One" />
    <tab value="Tab Two" />

  <tabpanel flex="100%">
    <box><text value="View One" /></box>
    <box><text value="View Two" /></box>
<scrollbar orient="vertical"
  <scrollbarbutton type="decrement" />
    <thumb value="Thumb" flex="0%" />
  <scrollbarbutton type="increment" />