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PUBLIC int INTL_KinsokuClass ( int16 winCharSetID, unsigned char *pstr )

Returns line breaking information


Returns line breaking information. Given a character pointer and charset, returns a line breaking character class for the given character. It is necessary to pass a pointer because the character may be more than one byte. Please notice that the function currently only supports multibyte charsets. If this is called for ascii charset, it always return PROHIBIT_WORD_BREAK. References for line breaking:
  • Japanese Standard Association, JIS X 4501 1995 - Japanese Industrial Standard - Line Composition rules for Japanese documents
  • Ken Lunde, Understanding Japanese Information Processing, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., ISBN:1-56592-043-0, pp.148
  • Nadine Kano, Developing International Software For Windows 95 and Windows NT, Microsoft Press, ISBN:1-556-15-840-8, pp.239-244
the kinsoku class for line breaking:
  • PROHIBIT_NOWHERE - It is a breakable character. It could be break before or after this character. This class is for all Kanji ideographic character.
  • PROHIBIT_BEGIN_OF_LINE - It should not appeared in the beginning of the line.
  • PROHIBIT_END_OF_LINE - It should not appeared in the end of the line.
  • PROHIBIT_WORD_BREAK - It is non breakable character. It cannot be break if the next (or previous) character is also PROHIBIT_WORD_BREAK.
winCharSetID - Specifies window charset ID.
pstr - Specifies the pointer to the character
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