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Netscape Client I18N/L10N History

Contact: Bob Jung <>
Discussion: netscape.public.mozilla.i18n or
Last Update: March 31, 1998

Client Product I18N Features & Capabilities
Navigator 1.0
  • Latin1 Support. (I18N Team was not started until end of 1994.)
Navigator 1.1
  • Japanese web browsing
  • Japanese charset auto detection
  • Posting RFC1468 compliant Japanese News Articles and Email
  • Entering Japanese Text in HTML Forms
  • Selection, Insertion, Copying & Pasting of Japanese Text
  • Line Wrapping for Japanese Text (No Kinsoku Shori)
  • HTTP charset handling
Navigator 1.1i
  • Resourced UI and defaults for localizability
  • Localized for 3 languages: Japanese, German and French (L10N team did not exist yet)
Navigator 2.x
  • Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) & Korean Support
  • Central/Eastern European Support
  • Per window (non-global) encoding support
  • Added HTML charset tagging via HTML <META> tag
  • Mail and news I18N (e.g., MIME, conversions)
  • Non-English line wrapping, insertion, copy & paste
  • Limited XP locale support (e.g., sorting, time & date)
  • HTTP Accept-Language header support (No Preference UI on X)
  • User Defined encoding and charset mapping
  • Localized for Japanese, German, French, Swedish, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Danish
Navigator 3.x
(Non-Gold & Gold)
  • Additional language support (Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish)
  • 2-byte support in Gold Editor
  • Java non-Latin character display
  • Add Unicode Conversion
  • Stealth Unicode support for Win32
  • Improve Japanese Line Wrapping by adding Kinsoku Shori
Communicator 4.x
  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) display on vanilla US Win32
  • Unicode 2.0 support
  • Korean charset auto detection
  • Sends HTTP Accept-Charset header
  • Java JDK 1.1.1 Internationalization Classes
  • Input Method support in Java AWT text widgets
  • Composer
    • Automatic HTML <META> tag insertion for charset parameter
    • UTF-8 editing in Windows
    • Save as text (4.05 and later) into all the languages supported
  • Mail/News
    • Independent encoding per Mail/News folder
    • Encoding menu for Mail composer
    • HTML messages in all the languages supported
    • UTF-7 mail send; UTF-8/UTF-7 display
  • Dynamic Fonts for non-Latin1 encodings

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