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Download Your Localization Kit

Make your selections from the links below. If the Localization kit for the product or operating system you need is not shown list, we aren't supporting freely downloadable localization kits for that product or platform (yet). Kits have been broken into separate components for faster downloads.

Before downloading any localization kit, please read the License Agreement! By downloading and using any of the information, software or tools linked from this page, you affirm that you have read this Agreement and agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained therein.

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Last Updated 32 bit Localization Notes - version 4.05. Contains translation databases in binary (.dbf) and text (.dog) format. You can read them on-line here. 11-May-98
Release Notes Release notes for this version of the localization kit. Contains information concerning how to update from the previous version. Now includes perl tool to assist leveraging. 08-May-98 Windows Localization Kit documentation. Contains .HTML documentation (the on-line version is also available). 11-May-98
nstool.exe Windows Translation Tools. A self-extracting installer for ToolCool and DogLev. Note: please read the newer on-line documentation. 29-Mar-98 32 bit English export binaries - version 4.05. Contains the localizable resources matching the most recent localization notes. You can also download the complete export version from the Netscape home page. 11-May-98
Installer Description Last Updated Windows Installer Localization Kit documentation. Contains .HTML documentation (identical to the on-line version). 06-Apr-98
NetHelp Description Last Updated 4.x source files for NetHelp. 19-May-98 NetHelp Localization Kit documentation. Contains .HTML documentation (the on-line version is also available). 19-May-98 NetHelp Builder Tool v1.0. Required to build NetHelp index and table of contents. 19-May-98

Last Updated
mac-405-kit.sit.bin 4.05 Macintosh Front-End localization kit. 22-July-98

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