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How can you help the DOM in Mozilla?

Testing and reporting bugs
As the Mozilla DOM keeps on evolving, it is important to perform tests on new features as well as regression tests. Any bug left in a given version of Gecko means more headache for Web developers who have to code around those bugs. Please look in Bugzilla for DOM-related issues. Triaging bugs and writing testcases allow developers to focus on really improving the code!
Writing documentation
Write documents and papers about the DOM, how to use it, how to implement it, what can be achieved with it, samples, etc. All documentation is welcome. The Mozilla DOM Reference is currently on hold, but as soon as the new design is in place, feel free to contribute to it!
Contributing code
Like any other project in Mozilla, we are really longing for new contributors. We are aware that it is currently not very easy to find one's way into all the files of the DOM implementation. The goal of this document is to explain how to get started.